Release notes

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Version v1.4.1 - 2024-05-02


  • In HTML output, links in inline code are now correctly colored on hover. (#2497)
  • Doctest fixing functionality handles another edge case. (#2303, #2378)

Version v1.4.0 - 2024-04-14


  • A fully qualified @ref link now resolves in Main as well, in addition to CurrentModule. For any package whose docstrings are included in the documentation, as long as that package is loaded in make.jl, fully qualified @ref links to docstrings in the package will work from anywhere. This simplifies, e.g., linking between docstrings for packages that use sub-modules. (#2470)
  • HTMLWriter saw several refactoring, which should not lead to any user-visible changes, but may affect plugins that are relying on Documenter's internals. (#2475, #2480, #2482)

Version v1.3.0 - 2024-03-01


  • Added support for a CollapsedDocStrings key in every page's @meta block. Setting CollapsedDocStrings = true for a particular page essentially clicks the "Collapse all docstrings" in the navigation bar after the page loads, collapsing all docstrings on that page. This can make API documentation pages much more readable. (#2282, #2394, #2459, #2460)
  • Automatically write an objects.inv inventory file to be be included in every online deployment of the documentation. With the help of the DocumenterInterLinks plugin, any other project using Documenter or Sphinx can then externally link to any page, heading, or docstring in the documentation. (#2366, #2424)
  • Added a parameter inventory_version to the HTML() options that may be passed to makedocs. This option sets the version metadata field in the new objects.inv inventory file. In most cases, the project version for the inventory will be automatically detected from the main Project.toml file, respectively, during deployment in deploydocs, from the git tag of the release. Any project may still want to explicitly set inventory_version via, e.g., pkgversion(MyProject) instead of relying on an auto-detected version. Projects with a non-standard setup (documentation-only-repos, monorepos) should modify their existing configuration to explicitly set inventory_version. (#2449)


  • The search in the HTML output:
    • Is now case-insensitive. (#2373, #2374)
    • Prioritizes prefix matches. (#2203, #2375)
    • Utilizes webworkers and is more responsive. (#2415)
    • Clearing the search query no longer deselects filters. (#2415)
    • When selecting one filter all others are automatically deselected. (#2415)


  • Fix escaping special html entities in search output. (#2441, #2461)
  • Fix the search filter toggle button styling in the HTML output. (#2406, #2408)
  • The theme selector for the HTML output now correctly picks Automatic (OS) if the user hasn't explicitly set the theme. (#2414, #2438)
  • Fix the search window sometimes not appearing in the HTML output. (#2430, #2458)

Version v1.2.1 - 2023-12-02


  • Fix an erroneous warning about the CurrentModule argument of @meta blocks. (#2364, #2365)

Version v1.2.0 - 2023-11-29


  • id anchors may now start with a numeric digit. (#744, #2325)
  • Documenter prints a more informative warning now if there is unexpected Julia interpolation in the Markdown (e.g. from errant $ signs). (#2288, #2327)
  • Documenter now warns when it encounters invalid keys in the various key-value at-blocks. (#2306, #2324)
  • File sizes are now expressed in more human-readable format. (#2272, #2344)
  • Documenter now uses Git.jl (as opposed to the system's git binary) for Git operations. (#2348)
  • Woodpecker CI 1.x and 2.x are now also supported. (#2337, #2335, #2339)


  • Enabled text wrapping in docstring header on smaller screens. (#2293, #2307)
  • Fixed breadcrumb overflow with long page title on narrow screens (mobile). (#2317)
  • Fixed linkcheck not checking inside of docstrings. (#2329, #2330)
  • Headings are now rewritten to <strong> in lists found in docstrings. (#2308, #2313)

Version v1.1.2 - 2023-10-23


  • Non-breaking spaces are now properly converted as "~" in the LaTeXWriter. (#2300)

Version v1.1.1 - 2023-10-12


  • Fixed, docstring collapse/expand icon not changing correctly when clicking rapidly. (#2103, #2217)

Version v1.1.0 - 2023-09-28


  • Added Remotes.GitLab for specifying a Remote hosted on or a self-hosted GitLab instance. (#2279)


  • Fixed display of inline LaTeX math $ ... $ from show methods in HTMLWriter. (#2280, #2281)
  • Fixed a crash in GitHub remote link checking when remotes = nothing. (#2274, #2285)
  • Fix an error occurring with DocTestFilters = nothing in @meta blocks. (#2273, #1696)

Version v1.0.1 - 2023-09-18


  • Docstring with an unwrapped Markdown.MD object, such as the ones created when the Markdown.@doc_str macro is used, are correctly handled again. (#2269)

Version v1.0.0 - 2023-09-15

Version changes

  • The (minimum) required Julia version has been raised from 1.0 to 1.6. For older Julia versions the 0.27.X release can still be used. (#1835, #1841)


  • The strict keyword argument to makedocs has been removed and replaced with warnonly. makedocs now fails builds by default if any of the document checks fails (previously it only issued warnings by default). (#2051, #2194)

    For upgrading: If you are running with strict = true, you can just drop the strict option. If you are currently being strict about specific error classes, you can invert the list of error classes with Documenter.except.

    If you were not setting the strict keyword, but your build is failing now, you should first endeavor to fix the errors that are causing the build to fail. If that is not feasible, you can exclude specific error categories from failing the build (e.g. warnonly = [:footnote, :cross_references]). Finally, setting warnonly = true can be used to recover the old strict = false default behavior, turning all errors back into warnings.

  • The Markdown backend has been fully removed from the Documenter package, in favor of the external DocumenterMarkdown package. This includes the removal of the exported Deps module. (#1826)

    For upgrading: To keep using the Markdown backend, refer to the DocumenterMarkdown package. That package might not immediately support the latest Documenter version, however.

  • @eval blocks now require the last expression to be either nothing or of type Markdown.MD, with other cases now issuing an :eval_block error, and falling back to a text representation of the object. (#1919, #2260)

    For upgrading: The cases where an @eval results in a object that is not nothing or ::Markdown.MD, the returned object should be reviewed. In case the resulting object is of some Markdown node type (e.g. Markdown.Paragraph or Markdown.Table), it can simply be wrapped in Markdown.MD([...]) for block nodes, or Markdown.MD([Markdown.Paragraph([...])]) for inline nodes. In other cases Documenter was likely not handling the returned object in a correct way, but please open an issue if this change has broken a previously working use case. The error can be ignored by passing :eval_block to the warnonly keyword.

  • The handling of remote repository (e.g. GitHub) URLs has been overhauled. (#1808, #1881, #2081, #2232)

    In addition to generating source and edit links for the main repository, Documenter can now also be configured to generate correct links for cases where some files are from a different repository (e.g. with vendored dependencies). There have also been changes and fixes to the way the automatic detection of source and edit links works.

    The fallbacks to TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG and GITHUB_REPOSITORY variables have been removed in favor of explicitly specifying the repo keyword in the makedocs call.

    Documenter is now also more strict about the cases where it is unable to determine the URLs, and therefore previously successful builds may break.

    For upgrading: As the fallbacks to CI variables have been removed, make sure that you have your source checked out as a proper Git repository when building the documentation, so that Documenter could determine the repository link automatically from the Git origin URL. On GitHub Actions, this should normally already be the case, and user action is unlikely to be necessary. In other cases, if necessary, you can configure the repo and/or remotes keywords of makedocs appropriately.

    These changes should mostly affect more complex builds that include docstrings or files from various sources, such as when including docstrings from multiple packages. In the latter case in particular, you should make sure that all the relevant packages are also fully cloned and added as development dependencies to the docs/Project.toml (or equivalent) environment (or that the remotes keyword is configured for the Pkg.add-ed packages).

    Finally, in general, even if the build succeeds, double check that the various remote links (repository links, source links, edits links) have been generated correctly. If you run into any unexpected errors, please open an issue.

  • Documenter now checks that local links (e.g. to other Markdown files, local images; such as [see the other page]( are pointing to existing files. (#2130, #2187)

    This can cause existing builds to fail because previously broken links are now caught by the Documenter's document checks, in particular because Documenter now runs in strict mode by default.

    For upgrading: You should double check and fix all the offending links. Alternatively, you can also set warnonly = :cross_references, so that the errors would be reduced to warnings (however, this is not recommended, as you will have broken links in your generated documentation).

  • The HTML output now enforces size thresholds for the generated HTML files, to catch cases where Documenter is deploying extremely large HTML files (usually due to generated content, like figures). If any generated HTML file is above either of the thresholds, Documenter will either error and fail the build (if above size_threshold), or warn (if above size_threshold_warn). The size threshold can also be ignored for specific pages with size_threshold_ignore. (#2142, #2205, #2211, #2252)

    For upgrading: If your builds are now failing due to the size threshold checks, you should first investigate why the generated HTML files are so large (e.g. you are likely automatically generating too much HTML, like extremely large inline SVG figures), and try to reduce them below the default thresholds. If you are unable to reduce the generated file size, you can increase the size_threshold value to just above the maximum size, or disable the enforcement of size threshold checks altogether by setting size_threshold = nothing. If it is just a few specific pages that are offending, you can also ignore those with size_threshold_ignore.

  • User-provided assets/search.js file no longer overrides Documenter's default search implementation, and the user-provided files will now be ignored by default. (#2236)

    For upgrading: The JS file can still be included via the assets keyword of format = HTML(...). However, it will likely conflict with Documenter's default search implementation. If you require an API to override Documenter's search engine, please open an issue.

  • Plugin objects which were formally passed as (undocumented) positional keyword arguments to makedocs are now given as elements of a list plugins passed as a keyword argument (#2245, #2249)

    For upgrading: If you are passing any plugin objects to makedocs (positionally), pass them via the plugins keyword instead.

  • makedocs will now throw an error if it gets passed an unsupported keyword argument. (#2259)

    For upgrading: Remove the listed keyword arguments from the makedocs call. If the keyword was previously valid, consult this CHANGELOG for upgrade instructions.


  • Doctest filters can now be specified as regex/substitution pairs, i.e. r"..." => s"...", in order to control the replacement (which defaults to the empty string, ""). (#1989, #1271)

  • Documenter is now more careful not to accidentally leak SSH keys (in e.g. error messages) by removing DOCUMENTER_KEY from the environment when it is not needed. (#1958, #1962)

  • Admonitions are now styled with color in the LaTeX output. (#1931, #1932, #1946, #1955)

  • Improved the styling of code blocks in the LaTeXWriter. (#1933, #1935, #1936, #1944, #1956, #1957)

  • Automatically resize oversize tabular environments from @example blocks in LaTeXWriter. (#1930, #1937)

  • The ansicolor keyword to HTML() now defaults to true, meaning that executed outputs from @example- and @repl-blocks are now by default colored (if they emit colored output). (#1828)

  • Documenter now shows a link to the root of the repository in the top navigation bar. The link is determined automatically from the remote repository, unless overridden or disabled via the repolink argument of HTML. (#1254)

  • A more general API is now available to configure the remote repository URLs via the repo argument of makedocs by passing objects that are subtypes of Remotes.Remote and implement its interface (e.g. Remotes.GitHub). (#1808, #1881)

  • Broken issue references (i.e. links like [#1234](@ref), but when Documenter is unable to determine the remote GitHub repository) now generate :cross_references errors that can be caught via the strict keyword. (#1808)

    This is potentially breaking as it can cause previously working builds to fail if they are being run in strict mode. However, such builds were already leaving broken links in the generated documentation.

    For upgrading: the easiest way to fix the build is to remove the offending @ref links. Alternatively, the repo argument to makedocs can be set to the appropriate Remotes.Remote object that implements the Remotes.issueurl function, which would make sure that correct URLs are generated.

  • Woodpecker CI is now automatically supported for documentation deployment. (#1880)

  • The @contents-block now support UnitRanges for the Depth argument. This makes it possible to configure also the minimal header depth that should be displayed (Depth = 2:3, for example). This is supported by the HTML and the LaTeX/PDF backends. (#245, #1890)

  • The code copy buttons in HTML now have title and aria-label attributes. (#1903)

  • The at-ref links are now more flexible, allowing arbitrary links to point to both docstrings and section headings. (#781, #1900)

  • Code blocks like @example or @repl are now also expanded in nested contexts (e.g. admonitions, lists or block quotes). (#491, #1970)

  • The new pagesonly keyword to makedocs can be used to restrict builds to just the Markdown files listed in pages (as opposed to all .md files under src/). (#1980)

  • Search engine and social media link previews are now supported, with Documenter generating the relevant HTML meta tags. (#1321, #1991)

  • deploydocs now supports custom tag prefixes; see section "Deploying from a monorepo" in the docs. (#1291, #1792, #1993)

  • The target keyword of deploydocs is now required to point to a subdirectory of root (usually the directory where make.jl is located). (#2019)

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for search box (Ctrl + / or Cmd + / to focus into the search box, Esc to focus out of it). (#1536, #2027)

  • The various JS and font dependencies of the HTML backend have been updated to the latest non-breaking versions. (#2066, #2067, #2070, #2071, #2213)

    • KaTeX has been updated from v0.13.24 to v0.16.8 (major version bump).
    • Font Awesome has been updated from v5.15.4 to v6.4.2 (major version bump).
    • bulma.sass has been updated from v0.7.5 to v0.9.4 (major version bump).
    • darkly.scss been updated to v0.8.1.
    • highlight.js has been updated from v11.5.1 to v11.8.0.
    • JuliaMono has been updated from v0.045 to v0.050.
    • jQuery UI has been updated from v1.12.1 to v1.13.2.
    • jquery has been updated from v3.6.0 to v3.7.0.
    • MathJax 2 has been updated from v2.7.7 to v2.7.9.
  • Move the mobile layout sidebar toggle (hamburger) from the right side to the left side. (#1312, #2076, #2169, #2215, #2216)

  • Added the ability to expand/collapse individual as well as all docstrings. (#1393, #2078)

  • Invalid local link warnings during HTML rendering now print a bit more context, helping in pinpointing the offending link. (#2100)

  • Admonitions with category details are now rendered as (collapsed) <details> in the HTML backend. The admonition title is used as the <summary>. (#2128)

  • Theme switcher now includes an "Automatic (OS preference)" option that makes the site follow the user's OS setting. (#1745, #2085, #2170)

  • Documenter now generates a .documenter-siteinfo.json file in the HTML build, that contains some metadata about the build. (#2181)

  • The search UI has had a complete overhaul, with a fresh new modal UI with better context for search results and a filter mechanism to remove unwanted results. The client-side search engine has been changed from LunrJs to MinisearchJs. (#1437, #2141, #2147, #2202)

  • The doctest routine can now receive the same plugins keyword argument as makedocs. This enables doctest to run if any plugin with a mandatory Plugin object is loaded, e.g., DocumenterCitations. (#2245)

  • The HTML output will automatically write larger @example-block outputs to files, to make the generated HTML files smaller. The size threshold can be controlled with the example_size_threshold option to HTML. (#2143, #2247)

  • The @docs and @autodocs blocks can now be declared non-canonical, allowing multiple copied of the same docstring to be included in the manual. (#1079, #1570, #2237)


  • Line endings in Markdown source files are now normalized to LF before parsing, to work around [a bug in the Julia Markdown parser][JuliaLang/julia#29344] where parsing is sensitive to line endings, and can therefore cause platform-dependent behavior. (#1906)

  • HTMLWriter no longer complains about invalid URLs in docstrings when makedocs gets run multiple time in a Julia session, as it no longer modifies the underlying docstring objects. (#505, #1924)

  • Docstring doctests now properly get checked on each makedocs run, when run multiple times in the same Julia session. (#974, #1948)

  • The default decision for whether to deploy preview builds for pull requests have been changed from true to false when not possible to verify the origin of the pull request. (#1969)

  • deploydocs now correctly handles version symlinks where the destination directory has been deleted. (#2012)


  • Documenter now uses MarkdownAST to internally represent Markdown documents. While this change should not lead to any visible changes to the user, it is a major refactoring of the code. Please report any novel errors or unexpected behavior you encounter when upgrading to 0.28 on the Documenter issue tracker. (#1892, #1912, #1924, #1948)

  • The code layout has changed considerably, with many of the internal submodules removed. This may be breaking for code that hooks into various Documenter internals, as various types and functions now live at different code paths. (#1976, #1977, #2191, #2214)

Version v0.27.25 - 2023-07-03


  • Page headings are now correctly escaped in LaTeXWriter. (#2134)

  • Compiling the dark theme with Sass no longer emits deprecation warnings about !global assignments. (#1766, #1983, #2145)

  • The CSS Documenter ships is now minified. (#2153, #2157)

Version v0.27.24 - 2023-01-23


  • deploydocs now takes extra care to avoid committing the temporary SSH key file to the Git repo. (#2018)

Version v0.27.23 - 2022-08-26


  • The native and docker PDF builds now run with the -interaction=batchmode (instead of nonstopmode) and -halt-on-error options to make the LaTeX error logs more readable and to fail the build early. (#1908)


Version v0.27.22 - 2022-07-24


  • Documenter is now compatible with DocStringExtensions v0.9. (#1885, #1886)

Version v0.27.21 - 2022-07-13


  • Fix a regression where Documenter throws an error on systems that do not have Git available. (#1870, #1871)

Version v0.27.20 - 2022-07-10


  • The various JS and font dependencies of the HTML backend have been updated to the latest non-breaking versions. (#1844, #1846)

    • MathJax 3 has been updated from v3.2.0 to v3.2.2.
    • JuliaMono has been updated from v0.044 to v0.045.
    • Font Awesome has been updated from v5.15.3 to v5.15.4.
    • highlight.js has been updated from v11.0.1 to v11.5.1.
    • KaTeX has been updated from v0.13.11 to v0.13.24.
  • Experimental: deploydocs now supports "deploying to tarball" (rather than pushing to the gh-pages branch) via the undocumented experiments archive keyword. (#1865)


  • When including docstrings for an alias, Documenter now correctly tries to include the exactly matching docstring first, before checking for signature subtypes. (#1842)

  • When checking for missing docstrings, Documenter now correctly handles docstrings for methods that extend bindings from other modules that have not been imported into the current module. (#1695, #1857, #1861)

  • By overriding GIT_TEMPLATE_DIR, git no longer picks up arbitrary user templates and hooks when internally called by Documenter. (#1862)

Version v0.27.19 - 2022-06-05


  • Documenter can now build draft version of HTML documentation by passing draft=true to makedocs. Draft mode skips potentially expensive parts of the building process and can be useful to get faster feedback when writing documentation. Draft mode currently skips doctests, @example-, @repl-, @eval-, and @setup-blocks. Draft mode can be disabled (or enabled) on a per-page basis by setting Draft = true in an @meta block. (#1836)

  • On the HTML search page, pressing enter no longer causes the page to refresh (and therefore does not trigger the slow search index rebuild). (#1728, #1833, #1834)

  • For the edit_link keyword to HTML(), Documenter automatically tries to figure out if the remote default branch is main, master, or something else. It will print a warning if it is unable to reliably determine either edit_link or devbranch (for deploydocs). (#1827, #1829)

  • Profiling showed that a significant amount of the HTML page build time was due to external git commands (used to find remote URLs for docstrings). These results are now cached on a per-source-file basis resulting in faster build times. This is particularly useful when using LiveServer.jls functionality for live-updating the docs while writing. (#1838)

Version v0.27.18 - 2022-05-25


  • The padding of the various container elements in the HTML style has been reduced, to improve the look of the generated HTML pages. (#1814, #1818)


  • When deploying unversioned docs, Documenter now generates a siteinfo.js file that disables the version selector, even if a ../versions.js happens to exists. (#1667, #1825)

  • Build failures now only show fatal errors, rather than all errors. (#1816)

  • Disable git terminal prompt when detecting remote HEAD branch for ssh remotes, and allow ssh-agent authentication (by appending rather than overriding ENV). (#1821)

Version v0.27.17 - 2022-05-09


  • PDF/LaTeX output can now be compiled with the Tectonic LaTeX engine. (#1802, #1803)

  • The phrasing of the outdated version warning in the HTML output has been improved. (#1805)

  • Documenter now provides the Documenter.except function which can be used to "invert" the list of errors that are passed to makedocs via the strict keyword. (#1811)


  • When linkchecking HTTP and HTTPS URLs, Documenter now also passes a realistic accept-encoding header along with the request, in order to work around servers that try to block non-browser requests. (#1807)

  • LaTeX build logs are now properly outputted to the LaTeXWriter.{stdout,stderr} files when using the Docker build option. (#1806)

  • makedocs no longer fails with an UndefVarError if it encounters a specific kind of bad docsystem state related to docstrings attached to the call syntax, but issues an @autodocs error/warning instead. (JuliaLang/julia#45174, #1192, #1810, #1811)

Version v0.27.16 - 2022-04-19


  • Update CSS source file for JuliaMono, so that all font variations are included (not just JuliaMono Regular) and that the latest version (0.039 -> 0.044) of the font would be used. (#1780, #1784)

  • The table of contents in the generated PDFs have more space between section numbers and titles to avoid them overlapping. (#1785)

  • The preamble of the LaTeX source of the PDF build can now be customized by the user. (#1746, #1788)

  • The package version number shown in the PDF manual can now be set by the user by passing the version option to format = LaTeX(). (#1795)


  • Fix strict mode to properly print errors, not just a warnings. (#1756, #1776)

  • Disable git terminal prompt when detecting remote HEAD branch. (#1797)

  • When linkchecking HTTP and HTTPS URLs, Documenter now passes a realistic browser (Chrome) User-Agent header along with the request, in order to work around servers that try to use the User-Agent to block non-browser requests. (#1796)

Version v0.27.15 - 2022-03-17


  • Documenter now deploys documentation from scheduled jobs (schedule on GitHub actions). (#1772, #1773)

  • Improve layout of the table of contents section in the LaTeX/PDF output. (#1750)


  • Improve the fix for extraneous whitespace in REPL blocks. (#1774)

Version v0.27.14 - 2022-03-02


  • Fix a CSS bug causing REPL code blocks to contain extraneous whitespace. (#1770, #1771)

Version v0.27.13 - 2022-02-25


  • Fix a CSS bug causing the location of the code copy button to not be fixed in the upper right corner. (#1758, #1759)

  • Fix a bug when loading the copy.js script for the code copy button. (#1760, #1762)

Version v0.27.12 - 2022-01-17


  • Fix code copy button in insecure contexts (e.g. pages hosted without https). (#1754)

Version v0.27.11 - 2022-01-16


  • Documenter now deploys documentation from manually triggered events (workflow_dispatch on GitHub actions). (#1554, #1752)

  • MathJax 3 has been updated to v3.2.0 (minor version bump). (#1743)

  • HTML code blocks now have a copy button. (#1748)

  • Documenter now tries to detect the development branch using git with the old default (master) as fallback. If you use main as the development branch you shouldn't need to specify devbranch = "main" as an argument to deploydocs anymore. (#1443, #1727, #1751)

Version v0.27.10 - 2021-10-20


  • Fix depth of headers in LaTeXWriter. (#1716)

Version v0.27.9 - 2021-10-18


  • Fix some errors with text/latex MIME type in LaTeXWriter. (#1709)

Version v0.27.8 - 2021-10-14


  • The keyword argument strict in makedocs is more flexible: in addition to a boolean indicating whether or not any error should result in a failure, strict also accepts a Symbol or Vector{Symbol} indicating which error(s) should result in a build failure. (#1689)

  • Allow users to inject custom JavaScript resources to enable alternatives to Google Analytics like (#1706)


  • Fix a few accessibility issues in the HTML output. (#1673)

Version v0.27.7 - 2021-09-27


  • Fix an error when building documentation for the first time with push_preview. (#1693, #1704)

  • Fix a rare logger error for failed doctests. (#1698, #1699)

  • Fix an error occurring with DocTestFilters = nothing in @meta blocks. (#1696)

Version v0.27.6 - 2021-09-07


  • Add support for generating index.html to redirect to dev or stable. The redirected destination is the same as the outdated warning. If there's already user-generated index.html, Documenter will not overwrite the file. (#937, #1657, #1658)


  • Checking whether a PR comes from the correct repository when deciding to deploy a preview on GitHub Actions now works on Julia 1.0 too. (#1665)

  • When a doctest fails, pass file and line information associated to the location of the doctest instead of the location of the testing code in Documenter to the logger. (#1687)

  • Enabled colored printing for each output of @repl-blocks. (#1691)

Version v0.27.5 - 2021-07-27


  • Fix an error introduced in version v0.27.4 (PR(#1634) which was triggered by trailing comments in @eval/@repl/@example blocks. (#1655, #1661)

Version v0.27.4 - 2021-07-19


  • @example- and @repl-blocks now support colored output by mapping ANSI escape sequences to HTML. This requires Julia >= 1.6 and passing ansicolor=true to Documenter.HTML (e.g. makedocs(format=Documenter.HTML(ansicolor=true, ...), ...)). In Documenter 0.28.0 this will be the default so to (preemptively) opt-out pass ansicolor=false. (#1441, #1628, #1629, #1647)

  • Experimental Documenter's HTML output can now prerender syntax highlighting of code blocks, i.e. syntax highlighting is applied when generating the HTML page rather than on the fly in the browser after the page is loaded. This requires (i) passing prerender=true to Documenter.HTML and (ii) a node (NodeJS) executable available in PATH. A path to a node executable can be specified by passing the node keyword argument to Documenter.HTML (for example from the NodeJS_16_jll Julia package). In addition, the highlightjs keyword argument can be used to specify a file path to a highlight.js library (if this is not given the release used by Documenter will be used). Example configuration:

    using Documenter, NodeJS_16_jll
        format = Documenter.HTML(
            prerender = true,            # enable prerendering
            node = NodeJS_16_jll.node(), # specify node executable (required if not available in PATH)
            # ...
        # ...

    This feature is experimental and subject to change in future releases. (#1627)

  • The julia> prompt is now colored in green in the julia-repl language highlighting. (#1639, #1641)

  • The .hljs CSS class is now added to all code blocks to make sure that the correct text color is used for non-highlighted code blocks and if JavaScript is disabled. (#1645)

  • The sandbox module used for evaluating @repl and @example blocks is now removed (replaced with Main) in text output. (#1633)

  • @repl, @example, and @eval blocks now have LineNumberNodes inserted such that e.g. @__FILE__ and @__LINE__ give better output and not just "none" for the file and 1 for the line. This requires Julia 1.6 or higher (no change on earlier Julia versions). (#1634)


  • Dollar signs in the HTML output no longer get accidentally misinterpreted as math delimiters in the browser. (#890, #1625)

  • Fix overflow behavior for math environments to hide unnecessary vertical scrollbars. (#1575, #1649)

Version v0.27.3 - 2021-06-29


  • Documenter can now deploy documentation directly to the "root" instead of versioned folders. (#1615, #1616)

  • The version of Documenter used for generating a document is now displayed in the build information. (#1609, #1611)


  • The HTML front end no longer uses ligatures when displaying code (with JuliaMono). (#1610, #1617)

Version v0.27.2 - 2021-06-18


  • The default font has been changed to Lato Medium so that the look of the text would be closer to the old Google Fonts version of Lato. (#1602, #1604)

Version v0.27.1 - 2021-06-17


  • The HTML output now uses JuliaMono as the default monospace font, retrieved from CDNJS. Relatedly, the Lato font is also now retrieved from CDNJS, and the generated HTML pages no longer depend on Google Fonts. (#618, #1561, #1568, #1569), JuliaLang/

  • The wording of the text in the the old version warning box was improved. (#1595)


  • Documenter no longer throws an error when generating the version selector if there are no deployed versions. (#1594, #1596)

Version v0.27.0 - 2021-06-11


  • The JS dependencies have been updated to their respective latest versions.

    • highlight.js has been updated to v11.0.1 (major version bump), which also brings various updates to the highlighting of Julia code. Due to the changes in highlight.js, code highlighting will not work on IE11. (#1503, #1551, #1590)

    • Headroom.js has been updated to v0.12.0 (major version bump). (#1590)

    • KaTeX been updated to v0.13.11 (major version bump). (#1590)

    • MathJax versions have been updated to v2.7.7 (patch version bump) and v3.1.4 (minor version bump), for MathJax 2 and 3, respectively. (#1590)

    • jQuery been updated to v3.6.0 (minor version bump). (#1590)

    • Font Awesome has been updated to v5.15.3 (patch version bump). (#1590)

    • lunr.js has been updated to v2.3.9 (patch version bump). (#1590)

    • lodash.js has been updated to v4.17.21 (patch version bump). (#1590)

  • deploydocs now throws an error if something goes wrong with the Git invocations used to deploy to gh-pages. (#1529)

  • In the HTML output, the site name at the top of the sidebar now also links back to the main page of the documentation (just like the logo). (#1553)

  • The generated HTML sites can now detect if the version the user is browsing is not for the latest version of the package and display a notice box to the user with a link to the latest version. In addition, the pages get a noindex tag which should aid in removing outdated versions from search engine results. (#1302, #1449, #1577)

  • The analytics in the HTML output now use the gtag.js script, replacing the old deprecated setup. (#1559)


  • A bad repo argument to deploydocs containing a protocol now throws an error instead of being misinterpreted. (#1531, #1533)

  • SVG images generated by @example blocks are now properly scaled to page width by URI-encoding the images, instead of directly embedding the SVG tags into the HTML. (#1537, #1538)

  • deploydocs no longer tries to deploy pull request previews from forks on GitHub Actions. (#1534, #1567)


  • Documenter is no longer compatible with IOCapture v0.1 and now requires IOCapture v0.2. (#1549)

Version v0.26.3 - 2021-03-02


  • The internal naming of the temporary modules used to run doctests changed to accommodate upcoming printing changes in Julia. (JuliaLang/julia#39841, #1540)

Version v0.26.2 - 2021-02-15


  • doctest() no longer throws an error if cleaning up the temporary directory fails for some reason. (#1513, #1526)

  • Cosmetic improvements to the PDF output. (#1342, #1527)

  • If jldoctest keyword arguments fail to parse, these now get logged as doctesting failures, rather than being ignored with a warning or making makedocs throw an error (depending on why they fail to parse). (#1556, #1557)


  • Script-type doctests that have an empty output section no longer crash Documenter. (#1510)

  • When checking for authentication keys when deploying, Documenter now more appropriately checks if the environment variables are non-empty, rather than just whether they are defined. (#1511)

  • Doctests now correctly handle the case when the repository has been checked out with CRLF line endings (which can happen on Windows with core.autocrlf=true). (#1516, #1519, #1520)

  • Multiline equations are now correctly handled in at-block outputs. (#1518)

Version v0.26.1 - 2020-12-16


  • HTML assets that are copied directly from Documenters source to the build output now has correct file permissions. (#1497)

Version v0.26.0 - 2020-12-10


  • The PDF/LaTeX output is again provided as a Documenter built-in and can be enabled by passing an instance of Documenter.LaTeX to format. The DocumenterLaTeX package has been deprecated. (#1493)

    For upgrading: If using the PDF/LaTeX output, change the format argument of makedocs to format = Documenter.LaTeX(...) and remove all references to the DocumenterLaTeX package (e.g. from docs/Project.toml).


  • Objects that render as equations and whose text/latex representations are wrapped in display equation delimiters \[ ... \] or $$ ... $$ are now handled correctly in the HTML output. (#1278, #1283, #1426)

  • The search page in the HTML output now shows the page titles in the search results. (#1468)

  • The HTML front end now respects the user's OS-level dark theme preference (determined via the prefers-color-scheme: dark media query). (#1320, #1456)

  • HTML output now bails early if there are no pages, instead of throwing an UndefRefError. In addition, it will also warn if is missing and it is not able to generate the main landing page (index.html). (#1201, #1491)

  • deploydocs now prints a warning on GitHub Actions, Travis CI and Buildkite if the current branch is main, but devbranch = "master, which indicates a possible Documenter misconfiguration due to GitHub changing the default primary branch of a repository to main. (#1489)

Version v0.25.5 - 2020-11-23


  • In the HTML output, display equations that are wider than the page now get a scrollbar instead of overflowing. (#1470, #1476)

Version v0.25.4 - 2020-11-19


  • Documenter can now deploy from Buildkite CI to GitHub Pages with Documenter.Buildkite. (#1469)

  • Documenter now support Azure DevOps Repos URL scheme when generating edit and source links pointing to the repository. (#1462, #1463, #1471)


  • Type aliases of Unions (e.g. const MyAlias = Union{Foo,Bar}) are now correctly listed as "Type" in docstrings. (#1466, #1474)

  • HTMLWriter no longer prints a warning when encountering mailto: URLs in links. (#1472)

Version v0.25.3 - 2020-10-28


  • Documenter can now deploy from GitLab CI to GitHub Pages with Documenter.GitLab. (#1448)

  • The URL to the MathJax JS module can now be customized by passing the url keyword argument to the constructors (MathJax2, MathJax3). (#1428, #1430)


  • Documenter.doctest now correctly accepts the doctestfilters keyword, similar to Documenter.makedocs. (#1364, #1435)

  • The Selectors.dispatch function now uses a cache to avoid calling subtypes on selectors multiple times during a makedocs call to avoid slowdowns due to [subtypes being slow][julia-38079]. (#1438, #1440, #1452)

Version v0.25.2 - 2020-08-18


  • The Documenter.MathJax type, used to specify the mathematics rendering engine in the HTML output, is now deprecated in favor of Documenter.MathJax2. (#1362, #1367)

    For upgrading: simply replace MathJax with MathJax2. I.e. instead of

        format = Documenter.HTML(mathengine = Documenter.MathJax(...), ...),

    you should have

        format = Documenter.HTML(mathengine = Documenter.MathJax2(...), ...),


  • It is now possible to use MathJax v3 as the mathematics rendering in the HTML output. This can be done by passing Documenter.MathJax3 as the mathengine keyword to HTML. (#1362, #1367)

  • The deployment commits created by Documenter are no longer signed by the @zeptodoctor user, but rather with the non-existing email address. (#1379, #1388)


  • REPL doctest output lines starting with # right after the input code part are now correctly treated as being part of the output (unless prepended with 7 spaces, in line with the standard heuristic). (#1369)

  • Documenter now throws away the extra information from the info string of a Markdown code block (i.e. `language extra-info), to correctly determine the language, which should be a single word. (#1392, #1400)

  • Documenter now works around a Julia 1.5.0 regression (JuliaLang/julia#36953) which broke doctest fixing if the original doctest output was empty. (#1337, #1389)

Version v0.25.1 - 2020-07-21


  • When automatically determining the page list (i.e. pages is not passed to makedocs), Documenter now lists before other pages. (#1355)

  • The output text boxes of @example blocks are now style differently from the code blocks, to make it easier to visually distinguish between the input and output. (#1026, #1357, #1360)

  • The generated HTML site now displays a footer by default that mentions Julia and Documenter. This can be customized or disabled by passing the footer keyword to Documeter.HTML. (#1184, #1365)

  • Warnings that cause makedocs to error when strict=true are now printed as errors when strict is set to true. (#1088, #1349)


  • In the PDF/LaTeX output, equations that use the align or align* environment are no longer further wrapped in equation*/split. (#1368)

Version v0.25.0 - 2020-06-30


  • When deploying with deploydocs, any SSH username can now be used (not just git), by prepending username@ to the repository URL in the repo argument. (#1285)

  • The first link fragment on each page now omits the number; before the rendering resulted in: #foobar-1, #foobar-2, and now: #foobar, #foobar-2. For backwards compatibility the old fragments are also inserted such that old links will still point to the same location. (#1292)

  • When deploying on CI with deploydocs, the build information in the version number (i.e. what comes after +) is now discarded when determining the destination directory. This allows custom tags to be used to fix documentation build and deployment issues for versions that have already been registered. (#1298)

  • You can now optionally choose to push pull request preview builds to a different branch and/or different repository than the main docs builds, by setting the optional branch_previews and/or repo_previews keyword arguments to the deploydocs function. Also, you can now optionally choose to use a different SSH key for preview builds, by setting the optional DOCUMENTER_KEY_PREVIEWS environment variable; if the DOCUMENTER_KEY_PREVIEWS environment variable is not set, then the regular DOCUMENTER_KEY environment variable will be used. (#1307, #1310, #1315)

  • The LaTeX/PDF backend now supports the platform="none" keyword, which outputs only the TeX source files, rather than a compiled PDF. (#1338, #1339)

  • Linkcheck no longer prints a warning when encountering a 302 Found temporary redirect. (#1344, #1345)


  • Deps.pip is again a closure and gets executed during the deploydocs call, not before it. (#1240)

  • Custom assets (CSS, JS etc.) for the HTML build are now again included as the very last elements in the <head> tag so that it would be possible to override default the default assets. (#1328)

  • Docstrings from @autodocs blocks are no longer sorted according to an undocumented rule where exported names should come before unexported names. Should this behavior be necessary, the @autodocs can be replaced by two separate blocks that use the Public and Private options to filter out the unexported or exported docstrings in the first or the second block, respectively. (#964, #1323)

Version v0.24.11 - 2020-05-06


  • Some sections and page titles that were missing from the search results in the HTML backend now show up. (#1311)

Version v0.24.10 - 2020-04-26


  • The curl timeout when checking remote links is now configurable with the linkcheck_timeout keyword. (#1057, #1295)


  • Special characters are now properly escaped in admonition titles in LaTeX/PDF builds and do not cause the PDF build to fail anymore. (#1299)

Version v0.24.9 - 2020-04-15


  • Canonical URLs are now properly prettified (e.g. /path/ instead of /path/index.html) when using prettyurls=true. (#1293)

Version v0.24.8 - 2020-04-13


  • Non-standard admonition categories are (again) applied to the admonition <div> elements in HTML output (as is-category-$category). (#1279, #1280)

Version v0.24.7 - 2020-03-23


  • Remove only, a new export from Base on Julia 1.4, from the JS search filter. (#1264)

  • Fix errors in LaTeX builds due to bad escaping of certain characters. (#1118, #1119, #1200, #1269)

Version v0.24.6 - 2020-03-12


  • Reorganize some of the internal variables in Documenter's Sass sources, to make it easier to create custom themes on top of the Documenter base theme. (#1258)

Version v0.24.5 - 2020-01-31


  • Documenter now correctly emulates the "REPL softscope" (Julia 1.5) in REPL-style doctest blocks and @repl blocks. (#1232)

Version v0.24.4 - 2020-01-18


  • Change the inline code to less distracting black color in the HTML light theme. (#1212, #1222)

  • Add the ability specify the lang attribute of the html tag in the HTML output, to better support documentation pages in other languages. By default Documenter now defaults to lang="en". (#1223)

Version v0.24.3 - 2019-12-16


  • Fix a case where Documenter's deployment would fail due to git picking up the wrong ssh config file on non-standard systems. (#1216)

Version v0.24.2 - 2019-11-26


  • Improvements to logging in deploydocs. (#1195)

Version v0.24.1 - 2019-11-25


  • Fix a bad mktempdir incantation in LaTeXWriter. (#1194)

Version v0.24.0 - 2019-11-22


  • Documenter no longer creates a symlink between the old latest url to specified devurl. (#1151)

    For upgrading: Make sure that links to the latest documentation have been updated (e.g. the package README).

  • The deprecated makedocs keywords (html_prettyurls, html_disable_git, html_edit_branch, html_canonical, assets, analytics) have been removed. (#1107)

    For upgrading: Pass the corresponding values to the HTML constructor when settings the format keyword.


  • The edit_branch keyword to Documenter.HTML has been deprecated in favor of the new edit_link keyword. As a new feature, passing edit_link = nothing disables the "Edit on GitHub" links altogether. (#1173)

    For upgrading: If using edit_branch = nothing, use edit_link = :commit instead. If passing a String to edit_branch, pass that to edit_link instead.


  • Documenter can now deploy preview documentation from pull requests (with head branch in the same repository, i.e. not from forks). This is enabled by passing push_preview=true to deploydocs. (#1180)

  • Deployment is now more customizable and thus not as tied to Travis CI as before. (#1147, #1171, #1180)

  • Documenter now has builtin support for deploying from GitHub Actions. Documenter will autodetect the running system, unless explicitly specified. (#1144, #1152)

  • When using GitHub Actions Documenter will (try to) post a GitHub status with a link to the generated documentation. This is especially useful for pull request preview builds (see above). (#1186)

  • The Documenter HTML front end now uses KaTeX as the default math rendering engine. (#1097)

    Possible breakage: This may break the rendering of equations that use some more esoteric features that are only supported in MathJax. It is possible to switch back to MathJax by passing mathengine = Documenter.MathJax() to the HTML constructor in the format keyword.

  • The HTML front end generated by Documenter has been redesigned and now uses the Bulma CSS framework. (#1043)

    Possible breakage: Packages overriding the default Documenter CSS file, relying on some external CSS or relying on Documenter's CSS working in a particular way will not build correct-looking sites. Custom themes should now be developed as Sass files and compiled together with the Documenter and Bulma Sass dependencies (under assets/html/scss).

  • The handling of JS and CSS assets is now more customizable:

    • The asset function can now be used to declare remote JS and CSS assets in the assets keyword. (#1108)
    • The highlights keyword to HTML can be used to declare additional languages that should be highlighted in code blocks. (#1094)
    • It is now possible to choose between MathJax and KaTeX as the math rendering engine with the mathengine keyword to HTML and to set their configuration in the make.jl script directly. (#1097)
  • The JS and CSS dependencies of the front end have been updated to the latest versions. (#1189)

  • Displaying of the site name at the top of the sidebar can now be disabled by passing sidebar_sitename = false to HTML in the format keyword. (#1089)

  • For deployments that have Google Analytics enabled, the URL fragment (i.e. the in-page # target) also stored in analytics. (#1121)

  • Page titles are now boosted in the search, yielding better search results. (#631, #1112, #1113)

  • In the PDF/LaTeX output, images that are wider than the text are now being scaled down to text width automatically. The PDF builds now require the adjustbox LaTeX package to be available. (#1137)

  • If the TeX compilation fails for the PDF/LaTeX output, makedocs now throws an exception. (#1166)


  • LaTeXWriter now outputs valid LaTeX if an @contents block is nested by more than two levels, or if @contents or @index blocks do not contain any items. (#1166)

Version v0.23.4 - 2019-10-09


  • The include and eval functions are also available in @setup blocks now. (#1148, #1153)

Version v0.23.3 - 2019-08-28


  • Fix file permission error when Pkg.testing Documenter. (#1115)

Version v0.23.2 - 2019-08-04


  • Empty Markdown headings no longer cause Documenter to crash. (#1081, #1082)

Version v0.23.1 - 2019-07-28


  • Documenter no longer throws an error if the provided EditURL argument is missing. (#1076, #1077)

  • Non-standard Markdown AST nodes no longer cause Documenter to exit with a missing method error in doctesting and HTML output. Documenter falls back to repr() for such nodes. (#1073, #1075)

  • Docstrings parsed into nested Markdown.MD objects are now unwrapped correctly and do not cause Documenter to crash with a missing method error anymore. The user can run into that when reusing docstrings with the @doc @doc(foo) function bar end pattern. (#1075)

Version v0.23.0 - 2019-07-18

Version changes

  • Documenter v0.23 requires Julia v1.0. (#1015)


  • DocTestSetups that are defined in @meta blocks no longer apply to doctests that are in docstrings. (#774)

    • Specifically, the pattern where @docs or @autodocs blocks were surrounded by @meta blocks, setting up a shared DocTestSetup for many docstrings, no longer works.

    • Documenter now exports the DocMeta module, which provides an alternative way to add DocTestSetup to docstrings.

    For upgrading: Use DocMeta.setdocmeta! in make.jl to set up a DocTestSetup that applies to all the docstrings in a particular module instead and, if applicable, remove the now redundant @meta blocks. See the "Setup code" section under "Doctesting" in the manual for more information.


  • makedocs now accepts the doctest = :only keyword, which allows doctests to be run while most other build steps, such as rendering, are skipped. This makes it more feasible to run doctests as part of the test suite (see the manual for more information). (#198, #535, #756, #774)

  • Documenter now exports the doctest function, which verifies the doctests in all the docstrings of a given module. This can be used to verify docstring doctests as part of test suite, or to fix doctests right in the REPL. (#198, #535, #756, #774, #1054)

  • makedocs now accepts the expandfirst argument, which allows specifying a set of pages that should be evaluated before others. (#1027, #1029)

  • The evaluation order of pages is now fixed (unless customized with expandfirst). The pages are evaluated in the alphabetical order of their file paths. (#1027, #1029)

  • The logo image in the HTML output will now always point to the first page in the navigation menu (as opposed to index.html, which may or may not exist). When using pretty URLs, the index.html part now omitted from the logo link URL. (#1005)

  • Minor changes to how doctesting errors are printed. (#1028)

  • Videos can now be included in the HTML output using the image syntax (![]()) if the file extension matches a known format (.webm, .mp4, .ogg, .ogm, .ogv, .avi). (#1034)

  • The PDF output now uses the DejaVu Sans and DejaVu Sans Mono fonts to provide better Unicode coverage. (#803, #1066)

  • Experimental The current working directory when evaluating @repl and @example blocks can now be set to a fixed directory by passing the workdir keyword to makedocs. The new keyword and its behaviour are experimental and not part of the public API. (#1013, #1025)


  • The HTML output now outputs HTML files for pages that are not referenced in the pages keyword too (Documenter finds them according to their extension). But they do exists outside of the standard navigation hierarchy (as defined by pages). This fixes a bug where these pages could still be referenced by @ref links and @contents blocks, but in the HTML output, the links ended up being broken. (#1031, #1047)

  • makedocs now throws an error when the format objects (Documenter.HTML, LaTeX, Markdown) get passed positionally. The format types are no longer subtypes of Documenter.Plugin. (#1046, #1061)

  • Doctesting now also handles doctests that contain invalid syntax and throw parsing errors. (#487, #1062)

  • Stacktraces in doctests that throw an error are now filtered more thoroughly, fixing an issue where too much of the stacktrace was included when doctest or makedocs was called from a more complicated context. (#1062)

Version v0.22.6 - 2019-07-18


  • Add DocStringExtensions 0.8 as an allowed dependency version. (#1071)

Version v0.22.5 - 2019-07-03


  • Fix a test dependency problem revealed by a bugfix in Julia / Pkg. (#1037)

Version v0.22.4 - 2019-05-09


  • Documenter no longer crashes if the build includes doctests from docstrings that are defined in files that do not exist on the file system (e.g. if a Julia Base docstring is included when running a non-source Julia build). (#1002)

  • URLs for files in the repository are now generated correctly when the repository is used as a Git submodule in another repository. (#1000, #1004)

  • When checking for omitted docstrings, Documenter no longer gives "Package.Package missing" type false positives. (#1009)

  • makedocs again exits with an error if strict=true and there is a doctest failure. (#1003, #1014)

Version v0.22.3 - 2019-04-12


  • Fixed filepaths for images included in the .tex file for PDF output on Windows. (#999)

Version v0.22.2 - 2019-04-05


  • Error reporting for meta-blocks now handles missing files gracefully instead of throwing. (#996)


  • The sitename keyword argument to deploydocs, which is required for the default HTML output, is now properly documented. (#995)

Version v0.22.1 - 2019-03-30


  • Fixed a world-age related bug in doctests. (#994)

Version v0.22.0 - 2019-03-28


  • The assets and analytics arguments to makedocs have been deprecated in favor of the corresponding arguments of the Documenter.HTML format plugin. (#953)

    For upgrading: pass the corresponding arguments with the Documenter.HTML plugin instead. E.g. instead of

        assets = ..., analytics = ...,

    you should have

        format = Documenter.HTML(assets = ..., analytics = ...),

    Note: It is technically possible to specify the same argument twice with different values by passing both variants. In that case the value passed to makedocs takes precedence.


  • Documentation is no longer deployed on Travis CI cron jobs. (#917)

  • Log messages from failed @meta, @docs, @autodocs, @eval, @example and @setup blocks now include information about the source location of the block. (#929)

  • Docstrings from @docs-blocks are now included in the rendered docs even if some part(s) of the block failed. (#928, #935)

  • The Markdown and LaTeX output writers can now handle multimedia output, such as images, from @example blocks. All the writers now also handle text/markdown output, which is preferred over text/plain if available. (#938, #948)

  • The HTML output now also supports SVG, WebP, GIF and JPEG logos. (#953)

  • Reporting of failed doctests are now using the logging system to be consistent with the rest of Documenter's output. (#958)

  • The construction of the search index in the HTML output has been refactored to make it easier to use with other search backends in the future. The structure of the generated search index has also been modified, which can yield slightly different search results. Documenter now depends on the lightweight JSON.jl package. (#966)

  • Docstrings that begin with an indented code block (such as a function signature) now have that block highlighted as Julia code by default. This behaviour can be disabled by passing highlightsig=false to makedocs. (#980)


  • Paths in include calls in @eval, @example, @repl and jldoctest blocks are now interpreted to be relative pwd, which is set to the output directory of the resulting file. (#941)

  • deploydocs and git_push now support non-github repos correctly and work when the .ssh directory does not already exist or the working directory contains spaces. (#971)

  • Tables now honor column alignment in the HTML output. If a column does not explicitly specify its alignment, the parser defaults to it being right-aligned, whereas previously all cells were left-aligned. (#511, #989)

  • Code lines ending with # hide are now properly hidden for CRLF inputs. (#991)

Version v0.21.5 - 2019-02-22


  • Deprecation warnings for format now get printed correctly when multiple formats are passed as a Vector. (#967)

Version v0.21.4 - 2019-02-16


  • A bug in jldoctest-blocks that, in rare cases, resulted in wrong output has been fixed. (#959, #960)

Version v0.21.3 - 2019-02-12


  • The lunr.js and lodash JavaScript dependencies have been updated to their latest patch versions (from 2.3.1 to 2.3.5 and 4.17.4 to 4.17.11, respectively). This is in response to a vulnerability in lodash <4.17.11 (CVE-2018-16487). (#946)

Version v0.21.2 - 2019-02-06


  • linkcheck now handles servers that do not support HEAD requests and properly checks for status codes of FTP responses. (#934)

Version v0.21.1 - 2019-01-29


  • @repl blocks now work correctly together with quoted expressions. (#923, #926)

  • @example, @repl and @eval blocks now handle reserved words, e.g. try/catch, correctly. (#886, #927)

Version v0.21.0 - 2018-12-11


  • The symbol values to the format argument of makedocs (:html, :markdown, :latex) have been deprecated in favor of the Documenter.HTML, Markdown and LaTeX objects. The Markdown and LaTeX types are exported from the DocumenterMarkdown and DocumenterLaTeX packages, respectively. HTML output is still the default. (#891)

    For upgrading: If you don't specify format (i.e. you rely on the default) you don't have to do anything. Otherwise update calls to makedocs to use struct instances instead of symbols, e.g.

        format = :markdown

    should be changed to

    using DocumenterMarkdown
        format = Markdown()
  • The html_prettyurls, html_canonical, html_disable_git and html_edit_branch arguments to makedocs have been deprecated in favor of the corresponding arguments of the Documenter.HTML format plugin. (#864, #891)

    For upgrading: pass the corresponding arguments with the Documenter.HTML plugin instead. E.g. instead of

        html_prettyurls = ..., html_canonical = ...,

    you should have

        format = Documenter.HTML(prettyurls = ..., canonical = ...),

    Note: It is technically possible to specify the same argument twice with different values by passing both variants. In that case the value to the deprecated `html*` variant takes precedence._


  • Packages extending Documenter can now define subtypes of Documenter.Plugin, which can be passed to makedocs as positional arguments to pass options to the extensions. (#864)

  • @autodocs blocks now support the Filter keyword, which allows passing a user-defined function that will filter the methods spliced in by the at-autodocs block. (#885)

  • linkcheck now supports checking URLs using the FTP protocol. (#879)

  • Build output logging has been improved and switched to the logging macros from Base. (#876)

  • The default documenter.sty LaTeX preamble now include \usepackage{graphicx}. (#898)

  • deploydocs is now more helpful when it fails to interpret DOCUMENTER_KEY. It now also uses the BatchMode SSH option and throws an error instead of asking for a passphrase and timing out the Travis build when DOCUMENTER_KEY is broken. (#697, #907)

  • deploydocs now have a forcepush keyword argument that can be used to force-push the built documentation instead of adding a new commit. (#905)

Version v0.20.0 - 2018-10-27

Version changes

  • Documenter v0.20 requires at least Julia v0.7. (#795)


  • Documentation deployment via the deploydocs function has changed considerably.

    • The user-facing directories (URLs) of different versions and what gets displayed in the version selector have changed. By default, Documenter now creates the stable/ directory (as before) and a directory for every minor version (vX.Y/). The release-X.Y directories are no longer created. (#706, #813, #817)

      Technically, Documenter now deploys actual files only to dev/ and vX.Y.Z/ directories. The directories (URLs) that change from version to version (e.g. latest/, vX.Y) are implemented as symlinks on the gh-pages branch.

      The version selector will only display vX.Y/, stable/ and dev/ directories by default. This behavior can be customized with the versions keyword of deploydocs.

    • Documentation from the development branch (e.g. master) now deploys to dev/ by default (instead of latest/). This can be customized with the devurl keyword. (#802)

    • The latest keyword to deploydocs has been deprecated and renamed to devbranch. (#802)

    • The julia and osname keywords to deploydocs are now deprecated. (#816)

    • The default values of the target, deps and make keywords to deploydocs have been changed. See the default format change below for more information. (#826)

    For upgrading:

    • If you are using the latest keyword, then just use devbranch with the same value instead.

    • Update links that point to latest/ to point to dev/ instead (e.g. in the README).

    • Remove any links to the release-X.Y branches and remove the directories from your gh-pages branch.

    • The operating system and Julia version should be specified in the Travis build stage configuration (via julia: and os: options, see "Hosting Documentation" in the manual for more details) or by checking the TRAVIS_JULIA_VERSION and TRAVIS_OS_NAME environment variables in make.jl yourself.

  • makedocs will now build Documenter's native HTML output by default and deploydocs' defaults now assume the HTML output. (#826)

    • The default value of the format keyword of makedocs has been changed to :html.

    • The default value of the target keyword to deploydocs has been changed to "build".

    • The default value of the make and deps keywords to deploydocs have been changed to nothing.

    For upgrading: If you are relying on the Markdown/MkDocs output, you now need to:

    • In makedocs, explicitly set format = :markdown

    • In deploydocs, explicitly set

      target = "site"
      deps = Deps.pip("pygments", "mkdocs")
      make = () -> run(`mkdocs build`)
    • Explicitly import DocumenterMarkdown in make.jl. See the MarkdownWriter deprecation below.

    If you already specify any of the changed keywords, then you do not need to make any changes to those keywords you already set.

    However, if you are setting any of the values to the new defaults (e.g. when you are already using the HTML output), you may now rely on the new defaults.

  • "Pretty URLs" are enabled by default now for the HTML output. The default value of the html_prettyurls has been changed to true.

    For a page foo/ Documenter now generates foo/page/index.html, instead of foo/page.html. On GitHub pages deployments it means that your URLs look like foo/page/ instead of foo/page.html.

    For local builds you should explicitly set html_prettyurls = false.

    For upgrading: If you wish to retain the old behavior, set html_prettyurls = false in makedocs. If you already set html_prettyurls, you do not need to change anything.

  • The Travis.genkeys and Documenter.generate functions have been moved to a separate DocumenterTools.jl package. (#789)


  • The Markdown/MkDocs (format = :markdown) and PDF/LaTeX (format = :latex) outputs now require an external package to be loaded (DocumenterMarkdown and DocumenterLaTeX, respectively). (#833)

    For upgrading: Make sure that the respective extra package is installed and then just add using DocumenterMarkdown or using DocumenterLaTeX to make.jl.


  • If Documenter is not able to determine which Git hosting service is being used to host the source, the "Edit on XXX" links become "Edit source" with a generic icon. (#804)

  • The at-blocks now support MIME"text/html" rendering of objects (e.g. for interactive plots). I.e. if a type has show(io, ::MIME"text/html", x) defined, Documenter now uses that when rendering the objects in the document. (#764)

  • Addeds to the sidebar. When loading a page, the sidebar will jump to the current page now. Also, the scrollbar in WebKit-based browsers look less intrusive now. (#792, #854, #863)

  • Minor style enhancements to admonitions. (#841)


  • The at-blocks that execute code can now handle include statements. (#793, #794)

  • At-docs blocks no longer give an error when containing empty lines. (#823, #824)